Christmas Fair in Cund, 9-10 december 2023

It’s time for the “Christmas Fair” in Cund, organised by the “My Village” Association. The aim of this fair is to bring joy into the hearts of children during the holiday season. Today, the elves mobilized to create and decorate ornaments for the Christmas tree or festive table. Each participant expressed their creativity in their own unique way.

We are delighted that we were able to bring the mothers and children of Cund together, giving them a chance to enjoy their creations and pieces for a few hours.

The products made will be available at the Christmas Fair on 9-10 December 2023, held in the barn of the Old Vicarage in Cund, as was the case last year.

We invite you to join us to enjoy food, hot and cold drinks, cakes, hanklich and bread, craft beer and mulled wine. At our stalls you will find traditional, carefully prepared products and creations of the villagers of Cund, preparing your soul for Christmas.

Carols and poems will complete the festive atmosphere! 

Thank you to our partners, without whom this event would not be possible: 

HRI VITALION, DR. BALINT, Herlitz Romania, Valea Verde Retreat and Valea Verde Restaurant by Jonas Schäfer, The Fifth Quarter and the Mayor´s Office of Bahnea. 

Many thanks to Old Vicarage Cund for providing the venue for the event.