My village association and it’s goals

The purpose of the association “My Village” is to promote the social and economic development of the small village of Cund / Reussdorf / Kund.

We want to achieve this through various projects, which on the one hand can be started and realised directly by the village, but some on the other hand will not be feasible without support from outside.

One of the most important points is the revival of micro-agriculture, as most villages are sitting on treasures that are not sufficiently utilised. Livestock farming, vegetable cultivation and the processing of these raw materials can lead to increased independence. Unfortunately, many of the villagers are not aware of these possibilities, and this needs to be worked on. In addition, a kind of basic fear of cooperation has crept in due to socialism in Romania. We would like to change this!

Any desired development in a positive direction will only be possible when the participants are financially and economically secure.

Projects like a bakery, a vegetable kitchen or even a small fire brigade or a cultural centre only make sense when each individual no longer has to worry about tomorrow.

Browse through our projects, maybe you will find something you would like to support.
We are open to any intervention and look forward to working with you!